Louvre school

Created within the palace walls in 1882, the Louvre School is currently a self-contained public establishment for higher education and research.

In addition to the traditional teaching it provides for history of art students, the Louvre School organizes courses inside and outside Paris, for which no previous studies are required, led by curators from the museum, various universities as well as researchers and people working in the cultural heritage sector. These courses have been organized in association with the museums, their local authorities and supporting associations in 25 towns on mainland France and offshore.

A beginner's course in history of art in Lens

Since 2007, the town of Lens has been the location for the prestigious Louvre School for an introduction to history of art with two new courses: a general history course on contemporary art and a course on the theme of Dutch art in the 17th century.

650 students coming from all over the Nord - Pas de Calais region subscribed to the course in 2008/2009, 42 % of which came from outside the Lens-Liévin agglomeration. With the highest course participation rate in the region, this initiative has proven how successful it is.


For any enquiries, contact Lens town hall on +33 (0)3 21 08 03 55 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12noon. 

The courses take place on Wednesdays in the Colisée theatre from 6.30pm to 8pm.
There is also a Louvre School in Roubaix, at the museum of La Piscine. The lessons that are held there are related to the exhibitions shown.