The Louvre Route

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The Louvre Route is an international marathon event that essentially symbolizes the aspiration to bring two regions closer together. It also provides a new perspective of the wide variety of the region's cultural inheritance: through sports and a carnival atmosphere.

Finishing at the Louvre museum in Lens, the idea to link up both urban centres was thought up by two sports enthusiasts, Jean-François Caron, Mayor of Loos-en-Gohelle and Philippe Lamblin, Chairman of the Nord-Pas de Calais Athletics League: the urban centre of Lens and the urban centre of Lille. The project to organize a marathon connecting Lille and Lens emerged from this idea.

In preparing this event, in 2006, many partners got involved: the Nord-Pas de Calais region, Lille Métropole Urban Community, the Town of Lens, later joined by other regional local authorities, mayors and people from the towns and villages on the route.
An increasing number of private businesses have also provided their support along with a growing number of volunteers, given the scale of this marathon that has now acquired an international reputation. This goes to show how much this event brings people together to get actively involved.

A sporting event that is fun for all: Every year, they come in their thousands, experienced or amateur joggers alike, to take on the real challenge of covering the 42.195km!

There are many events organized along the route: brass bands, giants, food-tastings of local produce, traditional games and other folk events are organized to encourage the runners. A real popular carnival atmosphere that is for the whole family!