LENS in transition

Lens continues its transformation... The emergence of a town at the heart of a new regional urban centre

We are currently seeing the birth of Lens as a major city, occupying the 2nd place as a focal point in the region"


Lens's major facilities:

  • Development of the architectural features and the cultural heritage of the Mining Towns
  • Redevelopment of the Bollaert District: the natural link between the Louvre-Lens, the Railway Stations Area and the Town Centre sites
  • Creation of the primary service and hotel sector location in the region: the Railway Stations Area
  • Establishment of 6,000 to 7,000 sqm of retail space in the town centre: the Republique Area
  • Overarching study of traffic and parking: priority given to new modes of transport and the development of a service agreement for setting up paid parking

Desvigne-Portzamparc, the internationally renowned team of designers has been appointed by Euralens to put together a master plan for the region.

The issues:

  • coordinating city planning and landscape developments in this large area covering 2700 acres
  • the planning of public spaces for the arrival of the Louvre-Lens