La Cité des Provinces

Over 500 renovated houses / An investment of €40 millions.

La Cité des Provinces, built in 1925, has three main qualities: its architecture, urban nature and landscape. These outstanding features represented a major argument in the application of the Mining Basin to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It is part of the Louvre eco-neighbourhoods, just like la Cité Jeanne d’Arc, la Cité du 9, la Cité du 4 et la Cité du 12/14. Situated very close to Louvre-Lens, the 11/19 slag heaps and Stade Bollaert-Delelis (football ground), the area will soon have a heritage-focused tourist path running through it.

The works, led by the SIA Habitat lessor, will eventually concern 543 housing units costing a total of €40 million or, in other terms, €67,000 per housing unit.

This investment and project is comparable to the Grande Résidence. The houses will be renovated in order to cut energy consumption by four, while ensuring the memory of the estates is preserved. The residents recently received a letter informing them of future redevelopment project. They will have the opportunity to attend meetings enabling them to be involved in the process of redeveloping their area. The lessor is planning to factor in their expectations and requirements in order to enhance their quality of life.