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Lens, town centre at the crossroads of Europe:
An urban centre that is on the move

A development strategy for:

  • Creating an urban centre for the catchment area
  • Increasing the urban density and the catchment area
  • Facilitating access to the region
  • Developing the residential areas and the cultural heritage of the mining towns and districts

A region with undeniable geographical strengths:

  • Strategic geographical position
  • Very easy to get to: large motorway network and a dense railway network
  • An international airport nearby

Starting 8 years ago, the operational phase of the redevelopment plans for the Town of Lens have begun. Launch of the Louvre_Lens, development of the stations area, redevelopment of the outskirts of the town and the districts, development of the town centre and the shopping areas making them more appealing, redevelopment of the open spaces, additional Public Transport routes with their own infrastructures, etc. Several large-scale projects have been drawn up to elevate the Town of Lens, giving it the status of a real urban centre. This concerns the following 3 redevelopment projects: The town centre, the extension of the centre and the development of the Louvre-Lens. This vision that is planned to be completed by the year 2015 will create a platform for many business opportunities to make the most out of this market that is on the move.

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